2015 Mineral Lease Information

Mineral Lease Operators access to CAGI

For 2015 we have a new appraisal firm, Capitol Appraisal Group, headquartered in Austin, TX. This group has all the appraised values for mineral accounts posted on their web site and can be reviewed by operators, that site is http://www.cagi.com/WebSite/home.htm You will need to request a login ID and establish a password, this can be done by emailing Zach Neil, at Zac@cagi.com and giving him your contact information, or Trent Johnson at tjohnson@cagi.com  Once signed on you should be able to see the values they are assigning to your lease, the expenses allowed, and the parameters by which the values were derived. If you see some concerns prior to the Notice of Appraised Value being mailed you can contact them to discuss further. This should be done by April 21st to be reflected on the Notice. Again you should contact Zach Neil, via email at Zac@cagi.com to gain access to this web site.

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